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The Culture Collection of Porto – Faculty of Pharmacy University of Porto (CCP) is a bacterial culture collection comprising strains from different genera, obtained since 1992. Their biological origin is very broad, including bacterial isolates from different niches, although mainly from humans. Type strains of recent described species, isolates well characterized in resistance and virulence features, as well as human genitourinary microbiome are included in CCP collection. The corresponding genomes and metadata are available for several isolates. In this way, the biological resources of CCP may serve the needs of various R&D activities.


CCP is embedded in the Laboratory of Microbiology, Department of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy University of Porto and includes a research team internationally renowned for its contributions to improve the bacterial biodiversity knowledge and bacterial taxonomy. CCP plays a key role for the translation from basic research to applications with its comprehensive collection of biological resources and its unique expertise in the areas of cultivation, identification, taxonomy/phylogeny, characterization, and conservation. CCP intends to act in network with other Portuguese and foreign collections, valuing costumer’s needs and supplying high quality products and services.



Luísa Peixe

PhD in Microbiology, 1996, FFUP Associate Professor



  • Teresa Gonçalves Ribeiro
  • Bárbara Duarte



Website: https://ccp.ff.up.pt/

E-mail: ccp.ff.up@gmail.com