Molecular Microbiology & Genomics

Molecular Microbiology
MMG Research Labs

The MMG Group uses different molecular microbiology approaches and genomics to understand and fight pathogenesis and antibiotic resistance in bacteria, and to decipher the evolution of important physiological properties in yeasts. Recent achievements relate to the understanding of microbial pathogenicity and concern the role of bacterial peptidoglycan (PG) hydrolases in evading the immune response and the role of PG amidation in antibiotic resistance. Also, characterization of Chlamydia virulence proteins led to findings relevant for targeting virulence.

Applied research contributed to the development of a test for detection of carbapenemases (antimicrobial resistance). Using yeasts as models, we uncovered events of horizontal gene transfer that re-shaped sugar fermentation in a yeast lineage.

Recent publications
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