Nano4 Global, Lda - is a nanodiagnostic company that translated the core nanodiagnostics research to provide innovative solutions for one step molecular identification of DNA/RNA at point-of-care. It was awarded EU SME Instrument Phase 1 and 2 and has been signaled by the World Health Organization as an innovative and promising technology to follow in diagnostics.




Aqua in Silico - develops software tools and model-based solutions to optimise wastewater treatment across many different industries aiming to increase efficiency and saving resources. It was awarded the UNDP Ocean Innovator and the prize "Os melhores do Portugal Tecnológico 2019".




CellmAbs SA - is a SME developing immuno-oncology agents that target tumour associated glycans.for therapies and diagnosis. CellmAbs was elected one of the top 30 Biotech Startups in 2019 by Biotecnika and featured by Labiotech and JPMorgan 2020. In 2021 CellmAbs, a UCIBIO spin-off, has been awarded H2020- Industrial Leadership - Innovation I

n SMEs Project (Innovation Associate for highly specific Tumour Associated carbohydrate Antigens)




Nitrogen Sensing Solutions - is a technology startup focused on the development of cutting-edge sensing systems for water monitoring, providing functional water sensoring solutions that enable and encourage good decision making in aquaculture and environmental control. It has been named the Startup of the Month by Link to Leaders.